Saturday, June 28, 2008


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i've started saying "sticks" a lot. and i add things onto the front depending on my mood. prefix it. like, 'fiddlesticks' is how it started. then crapsticks. then ugh-sticks. um. argh-sticks. and swizzlesticks.

what're they smokin?
watched Kung Fu Panda and Wanted yesterday. both good. enjoyable. a similar thread running thru all the summer movies i've seen so far: BE yourself. Love Guru... all of 'em. it's about finding out WHO you ARE and being that because there is no secret ingredient. etc. gee, you are you, tee em. google yourself. who am i?

fun, huh?
OH and the guy in Wanted is very cute.

that wasn't even goodzucchinisquirrel 1squirrel 2
today shall be a busy day filled with thrills and excitement. lots of activities on the agenda. luckily, i've got this day off. i have cleared my camera's memory card now i STILL need to figure out how to reformat it so it will hold more pictures. apparently i have yet to accomplish this simple task. and yes, walgreens has sufficiently adequate memory cards for ten bucks.

strange-fitting dress 4strange-fitting dress 1strange-fitting dress 2strange-fitting dress 3
my new dress makes me feel pregnant. i think i am never going to escape the feeling pregnant feeling because i am sway-backed because of my scoliosis. (it's MINE i tell you) and anyway. i'm deformedededed. and then i am drawn to clothing which seems to accentuate this facet of my body. annoysville.