Wednesday, July 23, 2008

it's called 'trends', don't make me school you

Picture 009
last night i punched a new hole in that belt cuz as you can see it is way too big here (it was on the last hole).

Picture 005Picture 034
so, shall we discuss the belt?
i have had this belt for a few months. i dunno maybe five months.
and the natural progression from maternity style tops to waist-accentuating styles means that you can re-use all of your poofy-tummy shirts by slapping a belt on them and VOILA! a new style, presto. easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Picture 031
as i have mentioned before, culture is by definition Shared and Learned behaviors. what with the instant world-wide accessibility of the internet: culture now spreads at lightning speeds. it's relatively simple. and arguing over who wore what first has been going on since junior high. it's petty bull-crap is what it is and it is also just a lame excuse for being bitchy.

Picture 001
if i like a look i see, i'm most likely going to try it out and even if i am not sure that i like a look, i might STILL try it out. i'm a girl. that's the way it goes. and just because a woman turns 35 and has children does NOT mean she instantly has to walk around looking like a bag lady in sweats with a short cropped easy to style hairdo, now does it?

Picture 036
if you eat the above two ingredients mixed together regularly you will be um, er, quite a regular f3llow yourself. yes indeedly-doo.
also, i mix in a little cottage cheese with my serving.
perfect mealio.

Picture 030Picture 027Picture 029Picture 026Picture 025

Picture 024
this stuff's okay.
nothing revolutionary, if you ask me.