Friday, July 18, 2008

corndog from the fair. y'happy?

fair corndogfair corn dog
today i got to take someone to the fair as part of my job.
i walked him all the way there, pushing the wheelchair in the hot hot blazing hot sun.
Picture 026
but it was fun.

Picture 023Picture 024Picture 025Picture 019
and i bought everything at the following booth.
all of it.
Picture 022
not really.

wow. 4
however, yesterday, i did eat this burger and it was only $4 (same price as the FAIR CORNDOG and way better) but i took off these:

ew. i hate raw onions.
and added some of my own tomato.

would never wear these in public5would never wear these in public4would never wear these in public3would never wear these in public2would never wear these in public
and unlike some people, i would never dress this way in real life, but it's fun to try it out in the mirror. plus, i think it's funny how bent out of shape ppl get about it.