Wednesday, July 30, 2008

how do you FEEL?

Picture 016
watched Romance & Cigarettes an urban rated-r musical by john turturro? and it has chris walken and it's kind of like an unanimated family guy type thing? cuz it's just craycray. (<--i invented that word)

Picture 012
also i watched Live Free or Die and it was okay. interesting and stuff likes thats.

Picture 010
i have anxiety about everything! for reals. but then like lots of people at work give me all this feedback that i am always so happy and smiling and singing and happy-go-lucky and i figure it is just a social defense mechanism i've developed to avoid crumbling into a crying mess?

Picture 013
redheads FEEL more... or so they say.
i wish i had the answer sheet for this choose-your-own-adventure of a life.