Tuesday, February 19, 2008

set the record straight

i just discovered that someone is leaving comments on another blog and linking them back to my blog. as though it were me leaving the comments. i'm sure most people won't believe me, but all i can say is that it isn't me, and leave it at that.
you'll believe what you want, tho.. i'm sure.

there's probably not much point in even addressing this issue.
i'm not going to go on about it after this.

there is some major stuff wrong with the world, that's about all i can say.

or whatever.

but i am going to watch american idol tonight! yeehaw.
that puts things into perspective, now doesn't it? (joke)
actually, in some ways, that show does put some things into perspective.
like, it demonstrates the different levels of thinking which can be seen in the human species. how some people are just way out there, man.

anyway, you probably think i am the one who is way out there.
i can't really do much about that.
you will think what you want.
that's the way it goes.