Tuesday, February 26, 2008

this is so narcissistic

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third post of the day?
what is wrong with me?!
it's not like i have anything to say.
what should i obsess about here on this blog right now?
oh, i took a picture of my lunch before i ate it today.
but i don't feel like uploading it right now.
maybe tomorrow.
i'll tell you about it then.
i'm always falling behind on my blog.
my blog is always a day late and a dollar short.
it's about what i did a few days ago, all the time.

if i tell you about other people, i might be violating their privacy.
or gossiping.
or being judgmental.

basically, i can't win.
and i don't have time to think about it, really.
do i?

who cares.
sams cola

people always laugh at me when i take pics of the things i eat and drink.
they think it is very strange.
they are like "are you new?"
as tho i've never seen a can of soda before.
or a chili dog.