Sunday, May 31, 2009

in a bullet proof vest


ahhh it is raining, making the air in my apartment cool and fresh. i love it.
rain is my favorite.

ganesh painting oops dent in canvas

a better photo of the painting i'm working on, now. i still have a lot of detail to add; but, i like it so far. i've put a few hours into it so far.

water boat water lake boat tree

next sunday is my birthday. number 36. i'm going to see Peter Murphy perform.
yeah, he's old but... he's practically legendarily awesome. isn't he?

dirt nice tree and water scene
there's thunder right now. i just love the rain so much. it mostly reminds me of living in humboldt county. some people would start jonesing for the sun. me? never. cloudy, overcast, never hot is where it's at for me... all the way!