Sunday, May 10, 2009

do you understand?

more quartzchris quartzquartz veincarriecrystalmy legs666nice, i look pregnant. why do stores make dresses that make women look pregnant when they are totally not pregnant?
is this just a weird paranoia of mine?

this is a different dress which makes me look extremely fat.
this picture isn't so bad, but some of the other pictures i took were like, why!? i am not fat. why do pictures make me look fat? maybe i am fat, and i'm just in denial?

also, the above outfit is funny to me because i look like raggedy ann.
have i mentioned the whole fetish type thing i have for raggedy ann?
someday, when i have a real life, i will collect raggedy ann paraphernalia.
paraphernalia is a funny word.

couch surfing
until my real life descends upon me, i will be here, doing this.
feeling like i'm dying of swine flu, but i think it's just a cold. no fever. no nausea, no diarrhea. just a chest cough, sinus headache, some sneezing. it could be allergies, but it seems a little severe for that.

soon to come, i have so many wonderful pictures. in particular, from this one artsy little store i went into and was floored by every square inch of everything in it.