Monday, June 1, 2009

cut ties with all the lies

red water pump
hm. looks like buzznet went back to the old layout.
or did i just imagine the whole layout change?

roast beef
i ate a sandwich.
a good roast beef, but i've had better.
didn't help that i wasn't feeling well, really...
but i did feel better a little while later.

rabbit ears i am a nerd and a dork
yeah, i was tired.
just taking pics of the silly hat i bought at a yard sale.
ew. cooties.
it was a nice house, though, and the chick whose stuff it was, she was a cool chick.
i could tell.

lovely poppiespoppiesorange flowerpoppy
i don't usually write a lot on my blog.
it's more for pictures and little short sentences here and there.
i should focus on writing.
but i do a lot of reading.
i like to read.
and the blogs which DO focus on writing, while i can often admit that it's good writing... i frequently feel a funny feeling about it.
it's like people are trying too hard.
but some people are serious about making their blog a source of income.
so, i guess it makes sense to try hard.
my blog is just entertainment for me.
even thinking about putting ads on it feels like selling out.

i've thought about making a new, anonymous blog where i just write whatever
without having to worry how it will impact my real life.
i really wish i would have done that to begin with.
it seems like a pain to do it now, but maybe i should.