Tuesday, June 2, 2009

seahorse prosciutto

seahorse prosciutto
every SINGLE time I go to the laundry room in this apartment complex
the same woman is in there doing laundry.
she sets up camp in the laundry room she brings a lawn chair, an ice chest, books,
knitting. and it's so weird. she never says hi or in any other way acknowledges you
when you enter so it's very awkward.
i just ignore her.
i think one time i said hi.
also, as soon as I walk in, she puts her sunglasses on.
she is reading, the room is lit by a large flourescent light.
without her sunglasses on and it's like, why are you putting your sunglasses on?
so you can spy on me out of the corner of your eye?
who knows. it's been happening for weeks, months maybe and
finally today i am just like, that's IT
I am blogging this!
dunno, sometimes things just cry out to be blogged.
i mean, is she ALWAYS doing laundry?
or just every time i go in there?
i don't camp out when i do my laundry.
i throw it in and go back to my apartment, set the timer for twenty five minutes
and go back to throw it in the dryer.