Sunday, June 14, 2009

goodbye purse

goodbye purse

i am a little sad today because i carelessly ruined my H&M purse which i'd
purchased the only time i ever went to H&M ever in my life. not sure how long ago. maybe six months, max.

i leave my bike locked up on the bike rack outside my apartments.
a lot of little kids play around there and every time i go out to ride my bike, they've done something to it. they've done something to mess up my brakes and they always move the seat around and my little rack thing that goes over the back tire.

so anyway, my breaks are messed up and i have to get them fixed.
i rode my bike to the store today and put the groceries in my purse and strapped it onto the rack over my back tire. as i was coasting into my apartment driveway, my purse fell down and started rubbing on my back tire and, not having brakes, i could not stop right away. there was, therefor, a big huge ugly tire-mark hole worn into the bottom of my lovely purse. *sad face*

i have another purse i can use... and the H&M one was actually awkward and unwieldy, but it still saddens me.