Tuesday, June 23, 2009

voyeuristic ally

sometimes my dreams are prophetic.

uber good
okay, so more about the third eye blind concert.
i'll be blogging about this for another week probably! ha. oh well.

park me phone
while sitting in the park for a hundred years, waiting leisurely for the concert to start (for five hours!) we listened to third eye blind on the iphone! haha.
setting the mood.

people walkingpark girls
and i voyeuristically snapped surreptitious photos of passersby.

fresh water
fresh water
and watched people cool off in the fountain.

even though we got there so early and had our little spot with our blanket and ice chest and shade, once the concert started we were quickly encroached upon by the gathering crowd (free concert in the park) and had to give up our spot only to very soon be packed in tighter than sardines in a can. more like anchovies.

guitar jenkins
i stood on my tiptoes for about an hour straight. i think i still have weird sore muscles in strange areas on my legs. the tops of my feet were really sore. felt bruised that night.

guitar third eye blind
being engulfed by this huge crowd of mostly twenty-somethings was overwhelming at first and i sort of emotionally shut down for a few minutes until some nice people let me put my purse and ice chest and blanket under the chairs they were standing on. they also let me stand on one of their chairs for a few. that small act of kindness helped my mood a bit.

hands out
then i started to enjoy the music and my mood quickly improved. everything didn't seem so hostile anymore. i started to relax and go with the flow. realizing: resistance is futile.

stephan jenkinsthird eye blind
third eye blind

the performance was full of energy and sucked me in along with the crowd. everyone was singing along and it was cool to see how happy people were. people were climbing up into the trees to get a better view. it was a short set. maybe an hour and a half. for a while, jenkins wore a top hat. that was cute. some sort of mad hatter-esque type of thing. most of the pics i tried to get were pretty blurry. these are the best ones.

anyway, i get lazy about uploading pics and doing blog posts... so that's all for now, folks.

oh yeah, i cooked the cornish game hens in the crock pot. perfecto!