Monday, June 22, 2009


treespilot speed in san jose
pilot speed in san jose
closer pilot speeddolla bill y'all
dolla bill y'all
roadies for third eye blind
roadies for third eye blind
so this third eye blind concert i went to was in san jose. it was free. the website said it started at 1PM. we got there at 12:30 or maybe a little earlier and nobody was there. after a while i asked someone if it starts at one. NOPE. 5:30!! aack.
so we sat in the park for almost nine hours, all told. OY vey!!!
anyway.... i'm giving all of this info in increments. dragging it out.

classy bathroom shot
classy bathroom shot

so for anyone reading this... you'll kind of understand what it felt like to go to this concert! we basically went WAY out of our way and suffered much inconvenience for the sake of Third Eye Blind. and to be honest, to ME, the pain endured was rewarded.