Thursday, June 11, 2009

picking daisies

picked some daisies yesterday.

went 'fishing' by the 'river'.

carrie river

these are the lentils i made the other day. had to freeze most of them. made way too many.

restaurantlazygoodbye to that shirt! hate it.
goodbye to that shirt! hate it.

this is kind of funny. i got that shirt at a yard sale. it's DKNY so i was a little stoked to get it for a quarter. but then i realized it made me look pregnant.
so i put it in the donation box in the laundry room. yesterday, this girl (woman) i kinda know walked by me in 'town' and she had it on. yeah. i don't like it.
i am so sick of this 'maternity top' trend that seems to be how every shirt for women is made these days. i go to a store, see a top that is pretty, sure. all the shirts seem to be the same style. but even that white one i was wearing yesterday, (see above) makes me look like i have a huge gut. it's like they are trying to make you 'disguise' your gut but it actually accentuates it. i'll admit, i've got a little bit of a 'muffin top' ew. a 'pot belly'? gross. there are just not any pleasant terms to describe it. and then my scoliosis accentuates it because it is really an effort for me to 'stand up straight' i have to consciously contort my body and it's uncomfortable. but anyway. yeah. i need to start going to yoga and never drink beer again. i hate beer it is SO filling and dumb. it's like you have to drink six beers to get a decent buzz and then you're so full it's uncomfortable. why do people torture themselves so? not worth it. can you imagine sitting around drinking six sodas in a row? but people do that with beer. i'm sure some people do it with sodas, too, but... not the same way.