Sunday, June 7, 2009

a strange kind of feeling

hot air balloons

so for dinner last night it was johnny rockets for burgers.

burger joint

i ordered what was basically a junior western bacon cheeseburger... you know, like carl's jr has?

great burger

it was really delicious. the fries were nothing to write home about.
basically a waste of stomach space. the burger was too much to eat as it was. but yum.


me doing 'dumb-fake-pout-in-car-pose'


not supposed to take pictures.
they sad that eight hundred times, but did that stop anyone?

a lights

i was still deathly afraid of getting caught, so all my pictures pretty much suck. but at least i have SOMETHING to remind me that i was really there.

a stage

the concert exceeded my expectations. peter murphy was very entertaining.
he strutted around like a rooster and waved his arms like he was flapping wings.

there were only about 200 people there and it was a small showroom/theater.
i could have gone up and touched his hand but i am too shy and chicken-shitted.