Monday, June 1, 2009

story time

on the bus yesterday there was this big ole biker dude in leathers with tats and piercings
but he was wearing birkenstock clogs
and his woman was kind of okay in a biker babe sort of way
but she had hair kind of my color
i dunno. but anyway, they were planning a wedding
and she was on the phone with her dad
and she was really LOUD
and bossy
and that chick said to her dad, on the phone, after laughing unnecessarily loudly: "dad. i did not need to hear that you have no ass" and i was like, well, now we ALL know
but it seemed like these two didn't really know eachother very well because after
she got off the phone with her dad, she was like, "i think my dad likes you"
and also, it just seemed like they only met last week or something and he proposed to her.
and she is on probation.
she had fake long pink fingernails
her hair was in two braids, tight from swimming it looked like
and a pink bandana tied over her head
seemed like she kept looking at me out of the corner of her eye
just interesting
and she was all
"on our honeymoon i want to go to HOT august NIGHTS because i have never been to that"
and she was insisting that all the men were going to wear a tux
and look the same
and he kept saying "i am going to wear what i have on right now"
and she said, ,"all the brides maids are going to look alike and all the men are going to look alike"
it was just very interesting to me.

oh and when they got off the bus the busdriver said "have a good night" and the woman said, "oh yeah. planning on it. gonna turn off the phones and everything"