Wednesday, September 3, 2008

when's it enough for you?

Picture 021 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
i tend to not dry my clothes in the dryer so sometimes they don't get that nice elasticity you get when you heat stuffs up.
so i noticed my tank top looks all saggy and appears as tho maybe i'm all flabby and pudgy and idk, maybe i could stand some strength crap and core stuff and all that rot. i know i do get exercise and most people STILL think i am in my mid-twenties and i really don't think that about myself cuz all i see are my flaws to be honest....

Picture 020 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
but seriously my back kills a lot.
kills me with pain, that is.
and even riding my bike kills my back.
i hate having to bend over, y'know?
on mountain bikes you don't get to sit up straight.
that's why i've always liked old-fashioned grandma bikes and stuff... cruisers.

Picture 003
but i do look better in general than most of the women my age with whom i come into contact. not ALL, and of course it really just depends on who's looking. everyone has their opinions. his/her opinion, to be exact.

Picture 004
what a stupid picture and my pants are too big or fit funny?

Picture 083
okay fine. i'm fat.
that's all there is no arguing it.
fat and old and unattractive and evil and
just nothing good.
everything about me is just atrocious.

Picture 001
i mean just LOOK at my poofy shirted belly! i should simply be ashamed to show my face after taking this picture and showing on the internet. what is WRONG with me?

Picture 064
honestly i did feel pregnant in this outfit but was told i looked very good.