Thursday, September 4, 2008

everyone has his own idea

Picture 009Picture 008
what are you, Freud?
everything has to be about sex?
all creativity is sexually oriented?
why are you trying to control me?
why can't i have freedom of expression?
what makes you want to quell my desire to create?
why so much negativity?
focus on something positive.

Picture 061
you've been harrassing me for years and it's never stopped me from doing what i am doing because i stand firmly on my right to have a blog and put pics on it and words on it. i am not going to stop.

Picture 062
the desire to document odd details of my life is strong in me.
the desire to rise above the petty b.s. is also strong.

Picture 058
i just want to have fun. that is the point of this.
is that so wrong?
i can't entertain myself and a few others?

Picture 052
some of you will always want to bring me down.
all in the name of....
the principle that I should not try to bring someone else down?
or i should not have opinions?
or i should not ask questions?
or i should not be who i am?
but i also can't be someone else?
or i shouldn't buy walmart stuff?

Picture 055
or i shouldn't eat what i eat or wear what i wear or buy what i buy or think what i think but also don't do what other people do, either.

Picture 053
but i am not afraid to post unflattering fotos.
deal with it.