Friday, November 7, 2008

my home away from home

Picture 030
in the ongoing saga of my bibliofilia, which includes
my inability to pass up the Free BOok Bin at the library,
my unnecessary hoarding of books, like what am i a flippin' used bookstore owner?

when will i ever find the lovely lovely time to be cloistered forever in a library and be able to read and read to my heart's content every book known to man?
i have often and always wished i could instantly absorb the contents of all books by osmosis without having to spend the time it takes, not that i don't enjoy reading because i do... but WHERE is the TIME, i ask you?

Picture 014
anyway, the books i picked up yesterday which i find rather amusing are:
How To Insult, Abuse & Insinuate in Classical Latin. HAHA.
like, i don't get enough insults on my blog so i have to read MORE random, antiquated insults in a book. it just goes to show that people have been bored and grouchy since time began.

Picture 009
and The Romance Writer's Phrase Book, described as the essential source book for every romantic novelist. Funny Shazzizzle.
it's just in list form, all these romantic phrases and they are separated into categories like Body Movements, Voices, Emotions, and Sex, with a subcategory of Lovemaking.
for example:

"the blood began to pound in her temples
she stiffened, momentarily abashed
stains of scarlet appeared on her cheeks
she was glad of the semidarkness that hid the flush in her cheeks
it was a humiliating, deflated feeling
an unwelcome blush crept into her cheeks..

i blush a lot so i know how that feels.