Tuesday, November 25, 2008

be as mountains, unperturbed

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here's what i get for trying tn do a load of laundry before leaving on our thanksgiving trip: i go down to the laundry room at 5:30 to move my clothes from the washer to the dryer; and, the laundry room is closed! Locked for the night due to some waterpump emergency which necessitates the water to the entire apt complex be turned off all night until an unspecified time the following day.

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So, this morning, when the apt mgr shows up, he lets me get my wet clothes out of the washer which, having been shut down, is full of water. I squeeze as much water out of the clothes (which now weigh a metric ton) as i can & haul them up the stairs, dripping a trail of water all the way to my apt.

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I had to squeeze more water out into the bathtub & hang the clothes to dripdry in the shower so we could hit the road. Also we had to get a bucket of water from the stream so we could flush the toilet before we could leave.

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Fun stuff. But i didnt let it get me too stressed. Reminds me how much i take for granted running water.