Thursday, March 5, 2009

i'm totally blogging this

old phone pic
i'm using old phone pix because of complications which will be rectified shortly.
don't remember if i've used these before but you probably don't remember either, so win/win.

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i've been off work the past couple of days and i've just been reveling in the peace and tranquility. it's been snowy and i've been reading and napping and cleaning and listening to music. i just walked to the library. it is sunny out and all of the snow is melting. (those chips weren't that fantastic, btw. that pic is from months ago. i think it is funny to have money in a pic. money money money, it must be funny, in a rich man's world.)

discarded santa
i've been trying to get around to working on my girl-on-swing painting cuz i wanted to add a bunch of stylized flowers and i sketched some on this morning but wasn't really in the mood. maybe this afternoon, i will be.

christmas chicky
hey, some of you may have come across blogs on the internet that look like they are by me but they seem weird. (hint: they are not by me) someone is posing as me and leaving comments linking back to that blog so... i've been working on the situation. but if you have any questions, just ask. i think some people are really delusional about me and my motives. it's crazy. i think that i am basically an average person with average stuff going on... pros and cons and all that. so why try to make me out to be the personification of all that is evil? it's really gone too far. i mean, it never ends. how does one escape a situation where other people are trying to instigate things by pretending to be ... um, er, 'one'? heheh. and by 'one' i mean ME.

facebook is much friendlier. it is my safe haven from the blog-meanies. it reminds me that there are actually people who don't hate me. the only people who hate me are the ones who don't know me at all but think they do based on blogging.

anyway, i am SO sleepy. it's like i've been taking TOO many naps and now i have slipped into hibernation mode. my next paycheck, i am buying a mini trampoline so i can bounce bounce bounce. i am going to cancel my gym membership cuz it is stupid.