Saturday, March 14, 2009

...all in all

Picture 003
i am so used to living with what is, to me, severe back pain that it's sort of gone unconscious. i know it's something 'different' about me... the scoliosis... the hypertrophied half of my back. i don't even take painkillers. it doesn't even occur to me. i guess i just accept the pain as part of life like one does war, taxes, death... of course we could question the validity of that (or any) statement... but that's not where i was going with this. just the way that i accept the pain. i could take muscle relaxants but i guess i just don't want to? should i? i've had them offered by doctors. *shrug*

Picture 005
i'm thinking of looking for some motrin in a first aid kit here in a minute, tho. cuz, OW. i haven't worked much this month, it's been long enough that i wasn't feeling the pain but then working today brought it all right back to me.

Picture 029
but today was an enjoyable experience all in all.

with the back tho.... things DO help. yoga, zazen, reiki (don't laugh) i'm sure acupuncture would work well. i've tried all of these... acupuncture with the electrodes or whatever. that was awesome. but i haven't sustained any or all of them long enough to experience long-term results.

i dunno. it's all interesting stuff to me...

went bowling today. after work. hm. that was kinda hard. i kept meaning to take an ibuprofin or something but didn't. why don't i JUST TAKE SOMETHING?

i've never liked taking something for pain.
can NOT take vicodin. makes me puke practically instantaneously every time.

okay. i'm done writing about this right now.