Tuesday, March 10, 2009

trailing barb

Picture 006
as far as writing a review of "blink" goes, i'm not going to be very thorough. all i can tell you is that i really liked it and it made me think about a lot of stuff and the writing was very accessible and now i want to read more of gladwell's stuff. sorry if that's not the best review. if i had lots of time i would sit down and do a collegiate job of it...

Picture 012
here is a picture of my very ABSOLUTE FAVORITE scene ever from seinfeld!
I LOVE IT SO MUCH i am going to get those kind of eyebrows tattooed onto my forehead!

Picture 004Picture 005
DUDEZ i went to Wally World today to buy my trampoline and they were SOLD OUT! which, is a blessing maybe because they wanted $30 which to me is a lil steep since you see those mini trampolines at every yard sale for $5 when you don't want one.
damned you Supply and Demand!
so i got an exercise ball. i've had one before but it got a hole poked in it and anyway, this purchase was only $8 and it came with a pump. so, i can still bounce and i can even do it while i'm still Sitting Down! cool.

Picture 007
i am working on being a more loving person.
a never-ending endeavor.

Picture 002
i need to get a degree in being nice.
OH, last night while i was reading on the couch and starting to doze off SOME DUDE walked INTO my apartment. He stood there for a moment and i was half asleep and didn't react and then i thought i heard him mumble "this isn't my house" and then he left as quickly as he'd arrived. HAHA! guess i should have locked my door, eh? i mean, i've walked up the wrong stairwell before but i realized it before actually opening the door and walking in. i mean, they do all look pretty similar. he was probably drunk. we were both lucky it was such an uneventful mistake.