Saturday, March 28, 2009


is it anything cool or special that ryan seacrest @tweeted me today?
i asked him if he was short like they say and he answered, "no, they are just tall"

i've started riding my bike again, since there's no more ice and snow on the roads.
it's okay riding TO work, cuz that's downhill. riding home after a long day, UPhill isn't as fun. it'll be even worse once it starts warming up! ugh.

Picture 536
i made soup again yesterday. from scratch. it's like making dinner for a week, for free! using all ingredients i already have on-hand. i can't go shopping this month, cuz i'm temporarily experiencing a financial setback. this time i used a few different ingredients and took pics along the way for proof, for those of you who don't believe i can make a simple chicken, vegetable, rice soup. who knows, hopefully i will post the pics soon. or maybe just a couple. whatever. no big whoop.

Picture 530
well, as usual, i am working the weekend. hope y'all are having fun doing fun stuff while i slave away.