Tuesday, March 3, 2009

lame magazine, don't tell me you like it

total fluff magazine
these magazines are so incredibly EMPTY.
i'm trying to figure out what to even SAY about how empty and fluff-filled they are.
they are a total rip off. DO NOT BUY THEM.
they are a tease. there is nothing of value or interest in them whatsoever.
they are for women who want to feel like they are so totally like i don't know HOUSEWIFEY? it's weird. i've hated them forever. i never purposely look at them. i mean, it's like, it will be sitting there in some waiting room or breakroom and i think, "oh well, i guess i will read this" and then i get so sarcastic about how INFORMATIVE they are. it's like, "how to find your POWER color" the advice is, "look in your closet and see what color you have the most of and that is probably it. hold it up to your face and if you look good in it, it is your power color." mine's olive green.

tomorrow i am OFF and i am going to stay in bed and read all day except i might do laundry and clean my house IF I FEEL LIKE IT. i need to do laundry.

i might make a video of myself talking about something.