Sunday, March 15, 2009

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i was in this really awesome consignment store and they had a bunch of these feathery mardis gras masks for five bucks each. fun!

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they had a ton of stuff i wanted. that's where i got my legwarmers. i'm underwhelmed by them, tho. i guess i am glad i bought them but... the thrill was shortlived.

Picture 032
sweet ride. wish it were mine.

Picture 025
all of a sudden the whole universe is all about twitter.
dude. i was tweeting on twitter three years ago.
people are so funny.
like i have MORE time to get sucked into the internet.
some people must have infinite amounts of free time?
i don't know how they do it.

Picture 010
no comment, i guess.

Picture 009

i must be pms-ing.
i feel AMpliFied.

Picture 008
isn't that lovely?
someday i will make stained glass thingies.
i've known a few ppl in my life who did that.
it's not that hard, actually.

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that dish is called "vegetaters"
it was enough for three meals.
gave me a tummy ache, too.
but delish.