Friday, March 6, 2009

we live in a beautiful world

Picture 044
this is a really good book. i checked it out from the library yesterday and am almost halfway thru it. the guy's a great writer. Malcolm Gladwell, (also wrote The Tipping Point and Outliers, both of which i will now be going to read).
sometimes i just LOVE to read. i would like to have reading vacations.

Picture 039
this is the book where i got the inspiration for the face on my girl-on-swing painting and those are the style of flowers i'll be adding around the edges cuz i am a copycat. no, but ideas don't just like, idk, pop into my head. they are always based on something else i've seen before. isn't that the way life works? maybe not for everyone but even if you don't think you are being inspired by someone else, you are... it's just unconsciously.

Picture 048
that's me being a psycho R-Tard. hahahahaaahaahaaaa! DON'T use my images without my permish or you will be hunted down by the authoritays.

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the other morning it was cold outside and all snowy and decided to try on a couple of swimsuits and jump around my house! i'm sure the downstairs neighbors were pleased! there are 8,000 pix of this psychotic episode. hey it's good exercise so bleh!

jumpingmore jumping in swimsuiti can jump if i want toPicture 025
you love it. come on, i know you want to nit-pick. WELL DON'T! save it.

"contempt is closely related to disgust, and what disgust and contempt are about is completely rejecting and excluding someone from the community." --Blink (that is actually a quote from another book by john gottman which i've also been reading lately, but it was also referenced in Blink)