Friday, March 7, 2008

who do you think you are?

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hello carrie-lovers/haters!
HOWZ LIFE?!?!?!!!
mine's good... thanks for asking.
USED free walmart jeans with pockets. - Photo Hosted at Buzznetoh well! - Photo Hosted at BuzznetPicture 017 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
i should take a NAP! and i need to EAT SOMETHING! before i have to go to CELEBRATE RECOVERY! i didn't really find out anything about my hoped-for apartment. the manager just needed to verify something about my INCOME! so bleh. or well, who knows. i think i'll probably end up moving there soon! i hope. and NO it isn't section 8. i am 147th on the waiting list for section 8. and NO i am not on probation or parole and i am not an INMATE. thanks.