Saturday, March 29, 2008

nothing to add

baked potato - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
yesterday i ate this potato.

potato - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
first i unwrapped it and then i took a bite.
the other day, i ate some cauliflaur. i always want to spell it like that even tho it's wrong.

me eating a potato - Photo Hosted at Buzzneti took a bite - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

the story behind the potato is that someone made them for lunch but i didn't have time to stay for lunch so i took the potato along with me in my purse and ate it later while it was luke-warm. the cauliflower was given to me by my ex's mother. she gets oldish produce from the grocery store to feed her animals with, but sometimes it is just fine and fixes it to eat or gives it away to friends.