Tuesday, March 25, 2008

don't have time for this

ewok pocket pal? - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
my hands are very large. but that toy is also small.

i probably need to get a haircut but i don't want to spend my money on that and i don't want to be dissatisfied with whatever cut i get. there is always that risk, you know.

stain - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
this looks kinda like i peed, even tho it really doesn't, it is suggestive of that, in an immature sort of way.
i hate when acquaintances come up to me while i'm on the computer at the library and start, like, talking to me and, like, looking at what i am doing! argh! go away! i am not in the mood to be sociable. i am busy!

i am also in a hurry and not in the mood to placate some weirdo stalker. oy. okay that isn't nice.


i know i complain too much, but i am aware of it. that is a start, right?

crazy girl - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
this is a crazy picture
this month I went WAY WAY WAY overboard on texting. i went from never texting to over 500 texts in one month. so my mom cancelled my texting. good. but i feel so childlike. hi i'm a teenager who texts too much. do they have meetings for that? it was kind of a waste, but i guess a sort of good like uh, i dunno, distraction? entertainment?