Monday, March 10, 2008

i love learning

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ooooh. i am at the college and i have money: i have an idea! buy some art supplies! neato torpedo. i have a job interview in a couple of hours, too. maybe i will work two jobs? dunno. we'll see.

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there's a complicated reason that i function well in school even when my 'life is falling apart'. when i was growing up, my home-life kinda sucked a lot but my school life was a safe haven where i could live a fantasy life of being a good and happy girl. so i guess you could say that i split off easily in that way when i'm under stress. school is a breeze for me. i don't have to be nice to anyone if i don't feel like it and i don't have people being mean to me there. it's somewhere that nobody can tell me i don't belong or i'm not doing well. it's a place where i get recognized for my good qualities. people don't get angry at me there. i enjoy performing well in school because it feels like a worthwhile endeavor to me. this may or may not make sense to you, but OH WELL, eh?