Monday, March 24, 2008

me being a dork, again, for your entertainment

i got this necklace out of a vending machine for fifty cents.
it is plastic.
when i was walking down the street, this mentally disabled guy (it was obvious) stopped me and complimented my necklace.
he told me that he came to town to buy a soda and that he still had 35 dollars left.
he said it was nice to see me and patted me on the shoulder.

MY weekend was okay.
i still have a chance at that apartment.
there is one available.
i will get it if everything pans out.
hopefully by the end of this week.
or by the first, basically.

yesterday, my roommate made fried chicken.
i ate some and it was okay but NOT WORTH the fried food smell which will eternally live in the house from this day forward.
i hate fried food smell. so. much.
don't you?

it is on me again this morning because someone else was frying food in my presence.
woe unto me.