Tuesday, March 11, 2008

it's my life

menu2 - Photo Hosted at Buzznetlunch was california roll yesterday - Photo Hosted at Buzznetfancy styrofoam plate - Photo Hosted at Buzznetless blurry sushi - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
so that was lunch yesterday and now comes what i had for lunch today.

very good - Photo Hosted at Buzznetyum! - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
the california roll was just as good as any i can recall having. it's the only sushi the place serves. and as you can see they have a few thai dishes. i've tried the 'evil jungle chicken' and it is very good.

the frozen dinner was really good, too. i loved it. i had to make sure i paid attention while i was tasting it because my mind is a bit blurry from lack of sleep these days.

happy? - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
i know, i know-- smile more! i DO smile, i just don't always have a camera ready when i'm smiling and nobody likes FAKE smiles... but if i think of something that makes me smile, that can work. and TRULY it is obsessive to take pics of oneself all the time. it really is. and that is not just true about ME. it's kind of an epidemic among a certain population.