Tuesday, March 4, 2008


crizzap! i have five minutes to blog! for a homeless/jobless person i sure have very little spare time! oy.
one of my roommates' eleven-yearold son calls me American Idol and he has a crush on me, i guess. always wants to know where i am if i am not home. so last night i am in my room with the door closed, reading and stuff and someone knocks on the bedroom door and i'm like "oy" come in! and they don't they just knock again and i'm annoyed and get out of bed to open the door and it is my roommate and her son with this cupcake
american idol cupcake
and he says it is for 'American Idol' (that's me) aw. so sweet. and i had been all grouchified. that happens a lot. i'll be all, "don't bug me annoying person" and then they are totally nice or helpful or something and i feel like a cad.
which i should. cuz i usu think i am too important to deal with ppl. NOT TRUE!
egg salad
but i don't have time for this! as in 'you people'. but this one deaf guy who is my friend at crossroads has a SUGARGLIDER for a pet and i HAVE to go meet it! they are so cute. I blogged one time about how i wish i had one! omg. okay, gotta run. bye.