Friday, March 28, 2008


reflect on it - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
this weekend i am going to work on taking more-interesting pictures.
i get stuck in photographic ruts.

i'm a sad professor - Photo Hosted at Buzznetbeez - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
in teh above foto you can clearly see that i should botox my forehead crease!
i hate that thing.
i need a rich boyfriend who will indulge my every whim, is what i need.
probably not gonna happen... cuz i am not in the mood to put up with crap from men.
don't take that personally tho.

sometimes i'm a bad girl - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
i think that life can seem more interesting if you take pictures of it, tho.
everyday things like broccoli can suddenly seem special and important.

old book - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
or like this old doctor doolittle book which i purchased at the library for ten whole cents.

it's all much more interesting if you blog it.
makes it seem like MORE.
than. just. life.

okay, i guess i'll go trek thru the snowstorm now.