Thursday, March 20, 2008

check it out

my new job - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
if all goes well, this is my new job. orientation starts April 2nd. full-time, days, w/benefits. at a nursing home! that is the cool part, to me. i think it is perfect for me. what could be better? and i STILL haven't found out about my apartment. i am supposed to find out for sure tomorrow. i am very irritated by that, the way they keep telling me one thing and then making me wait more. such is life. there's not a lot i can do about it. waiting is part of life. WAIT WAIT WAIT. and we are not supposed to have 'waiting' mentality. blergh.

salad bar - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
i wish i wish i wish.
one door seems to have closed today and another door is waiting to be knocked upon. i think it is ajar. maybe i will jiggle the handle. (cryptically speaking)

oldness - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
is that straight on?

btw, i'm not anorexic or starving myself. it's called having no transportation and being basically forced to walk everywhere in the universe every day for two and 1/2 months straight. y'know? that's all. and if i was 'chubby' before, it's from having a baby after a pregnancy with bedrest (during which time i craved ice cream every night) and staying home with her for a year and a half every day. *shrug* again: just life. always changing, you know.

during the next few days i'll be working on a painting of the roast beef sandwich with a side of nachos. it will be a small painting done with acrylics, with which i have yet to work. here are my other paintings for those of you who haven't seen them or want to see them again.