Saturday, March 1, 2008

hi hi

getting irritatedgoodbye facewhy not smiletravelingtrain station bathroom
i did not get to use the computer last night because my high school sister was ON THE computer ALL EVENING. but that is okay. no big deal. i was fine with it.
i played guitar hero for a second, but i SUCK at it tres tres badly and then i watched Ghost Whisperer for the first time and it was FUNNY. not sposeta be funny but was.

arms are in - Photo Hosted at Buzznetall about the arm
don't get mad about those pictures. SO WHAT?! GOSH! what is the BIG EFFING DEAL?
aghhh i have to pee.
too much coffee but not enough.
i wish i could have one of those phones with internet and junk and like all that stuff and you know. i wish i could have whatever i want but then i wouldn't be able to BUILD CHARACTER. what's more important? having lots of STUFF? or building character.

you people.

here is some food.
taco truckBed 074Bed 076Bed 077Bed 084
one of my roomies made the pasta salad and i ate it yesterday.

new perfume
this is some perfume i bought. i like it.