Monday, March 31, 2008

Beryl Sardonyx is my new name

seeds - Photo Hosted at Buzznetsunflower - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
someday, i will have a nice camera again. it's so hard to get good pics with this one.
you people have no sense of humor, do you?
you take everything way too seriously, on my blog and about my blog.
i'm just an average person goofing around as a hobby/pastime.
if you knew me at all, you would never be treating me so rudely.
i know it.

but anyway. life goes on.

there are my feet, again~! - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
paper rolls - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
my point is, i'm not trying to turn you on.
i'm not trying to be seductive with my blog.
i'm not trying to make people who read my blog think i'm sexy.

no face then - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
it's just supposed to be self-expression.
entertainment of the fun-ish variety.
maybe a little bit interesting or sometimes a little bit thought provoking.

omg i drew a hamburger again. o m g. - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
a lot of times, i'm sortof having an inside joke with myself and you guys think i'm being serious. a form of PLAY. yeah. that's it.

florist window - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
so could you kindly get over it, please?