Tuesday, March 11, 2008

maybe i should get BANGS like TYRA! + everyone and their mother

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so tomorrow i have another job interview. this one is the job i've been hoping to get.

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the one i had yesterday was okay, but it was at a bank and it mostly made me re-phobic about working at a bank. it's not the work itself that bothers me, it is the SALES aspect that i hate hate hate hate hate hate hate.

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actually, the pressure behind it. the idea that for ten bucks maybe eleven bucks an hour i should dedicate my entire life and existence to the knowledge of and sales of bank products and services. it's like they want me to MARRY them! come on. i can get paid the same amount of money to DUST. y'know?

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you look like your mom.

anyway, all apologies. they hated Me they will hate you.