Tuesday, April 29, 2008

pregnant trapeze

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i don't know why.
i wore this outfit to a semi-get-together and there was this girl there (woman?) who was wearing tight low-rise jeans with a half-tank top and she had a lower back tattoo and a tan and she was sexy and she knew it and she kept flipping her hair and bending over in front of everyone and just essentially showing off her hot bod and i felt like a totally unattractive cow the whole time. it SUCKED!!!! i hate sexy bitches. well. i tried to be inwardly supportive of her right to flaunt what she's got while the flauntin's good, but still... part of me kept inwardly calling her a brazen hussy. i hate it when women have to be attention hogs and men are so easily manipulated. i don't play that. but then i hate myself for being ignored.
life is such a pain sometimes.