Thursday, April 24, 2008


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i am actually quite surprised at the onslaught of insults i've found in my comments this morning. it's a great feeling to know i'm so hated. (not) and to realize how unattractive i am. and here i was actually feeling like i'm not so bad looking.
all the people who compliment me in my life must just be feeling sorry for me, i guess.

Picture 015
at least here i have people who will tell me the truth about my hideousness. i apologize to you all for presenting my offensive visage to your virgin eyes which must be used to only seeing very beautiful people all the time?
is my blog some sort of beauty contest with the world? can't i just look the way i look?

Picture 014
and what do you people hope to accomplish with your attempts to humiliate me and grind my sense of self-worth into the ground? you want a reaction? okay. here it is. but that won't be enough will it? i'm sure it won't. you'll want to put even more energy into further degrading whatever shred of dignity i might have left. you're like the ugly stepsisters in cinderella. just get over it, already. i'm not going to stop doing what i am doing. i am not trying to offend anyone, so if you are offended by my blog that must be your problem and how about you just stop looking at it? it must be nice for you all to be so amazingly perfectly beautiful that you feel so confident in bashing my appearance.

Picture 024
i have already had shorter hair and it doesn't do me any favors. so, nope, i won't be going any shorter. no bob haircuts here, thanks.