Tuesday, April 15, 2008

if only for your good

friend stan
that is a friend named stan.
he said he was going golfing.
does it look like he's going golfing to you?
not to me.
he said he didn't like that pic cuz it looked to him like i cut off his head.
i think it is just fine.

free books
this book? in the free bin? radical dude. you can bet i snagged it.

free book!

me at work onn break
that's me at work, on my break. no makeup, hair back. (blegh)

dudes, i am wearing size 7 pants, now! woot.
i really haven't even been trying to lose weight, either.
people think i am too skinny.

not so goodfrozen dinnerlooks nothing like the photo on the box
i don't think i'll eat that again.
not very great.

today, i was cross-trained to work in laundry in addition to housekeeping.
time goes by WAY faster in laundry.
yesterday, i bought a new bike for myself.
at wally world.
cool, eh?
k. today is my friday and i have two classes to go to and then i am gonna watch videos with a new friend.