Thursday, April 10, 2008

i always think of cool titles and then forget them

in my livingroom
last night i picked out a movie and didn't pay attention but when i got it home i realized it WAS NOT the movie i had picked out.
i picked out King of California with michael douglas but instead i got Kings of South Beach? i did not care for it at all and i did not watch it, either.

dude. the other day this 17 yr-old kid/guy was trying to get with me. SHyeah! right! i don't think so!!!! he was all: nobody would have to know!
give me a break, man.
he insisted on seeing my drivers licence cuz he didn't believe me when i told him my age. pretty much everyone i meet has to freak out and say they thought i was 25. it grows tiresome. i'm like, "i know, i know... that is what everyone says." when i was younger it bothered me, but now it bothers me in a different way.

some salad i ate
some man i don't even know his name saw me walking and he comes up and gives me a hug like we are best buds and then he's all, "what's your name, again?" and we exchanged names... but like... dude. you're hugging me and we don't even know eachother's names? is there anything wrong with this picture?

my face again - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
then, yesterday, i saw two different women i know and both times i was disoriented and preoccupied and didn't say hi to them but then i was all 'butthurt' that they didn't say hi to me either and so then i'm thinking, "WHY?" do they think i hate them? do they hate me? with women, you just never know. but i hate when i come across as rude when i wasn't meaning to be rude.

front door knee socks brown cord skirt - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
another thing that is difficult is when a guy seems to be assuming that he's my boyfriend when i never gave him any reason to believe that. he hasn't even asked, but i'm getting the impression. it's the deaf guy. there is, of course, a communication issue. i don't speak sign language fluently. anyway, to me, he is a nice friend. but, i'm not sure how to nip his imaginings in the bud.