Tuesday, April 22, 2008

what happens when

Picture 015
some notes from the first part of my day working in the nursing home:

a man came up to me and asked me to look at his feet and tell him if he had his shoes on right. nope. he was wearing a pair of matching right shoes. two right shoes. hm. so i helped him fix that situation.

another man is in bed and he says, "come here. i want to get out of bed" and i told him i couldn't help him because i am just the housekeeper and he would have to wait for an aide. he said, "well, what time is it?" i told him 7 and he said, "well, don't just stand there looking at me, get to work." and i said, "yes sir, have a good day."

Picture 011
there is a woman who every day constantly and continually declares, "please give me my hot cocoa now. i want my hot cocoa now, please." over and over.

another woman said to me that she needed a shave. she said, "i've got a pretty good set of whiskers and i'm not going to leave my room until they shave it."

another woman announces that she has to fart and wants someone to lift her leg.

Picture 005
okay. well, the only other thing i have to report is that the most popular hairstyle for women in this town is blonde hair on top and brown hair underneath it. weird. i'm over it. isn't that like, so two years ago?

Picture 001
i have a hair appointment tomorrow morning.