Friday, April 25, 2008

what not to wear

that sweatshirt is dumb.
having my cellphone in the pocket of it makes it all bulgy in the belly.
bulgy belly = not a good thing.

and look how HUGE my hands are?
what will i do?
how can i go on living?
with such huge huge hands?
it is a disgrace.

i should change the name of my blog to: The HUGE hands BLOG. AND paris hilton can co-author.

Picture 022
i could probably be in the guinness (?) book of world records for Most Androgynous and largest hands on a female, huh? oh and Puffiest Morning Face.

Picture 004
what else? oh yeah, Biggest Failure as a Mother of ALL TIME.

Picture 007Picture 016
also: least photogenic human on the planet.