Monday, April 21, 2008

uphill against the wind

Picture 013
i really do want to get a haircut.
last night, at bible study... well, before i went, i was all bummed out and trying to take a nap, after work... and my neighbor knocked on my door to see if i wanted a ride to bible study and i just jumped up, changed my clothes really fast and went. but she started to fix my hair a little cuz i then realized that i had a big old matted birdsnest of hair on the back of my head. i could easily get dreads, if i just let it happen. but i don't want to. that seems unsanitary to me.
so, i need to cut my hair.

Picture 016
but yeah, ever since i got my bike, it has been mad windy out and i have to ride uphill against the wind all the time and it SUCKS! why cant i get a tailwind, man?
come ON.

it's ridiculous.

here is the painting i've been working on.
Picture 019
i hate acrylics, pretty much.

Picture 018

they suck. suck suck suck suck.

Picture 022Picture 023Picture 027
this is a GREAT healthy meal. i love the basmati rice and how there's broccoli in it and the whole wheat tortillas. yumscicles.

and yes, pretty much all social events are agonizing for me. usually there is something about it that just ruins my good time and makes me want to get back home as fast as possible.

Picture 009Picture 004
it is frustrating that i don't have more time!
more time!
free time
to blog with.
and just OH my time doesn't get spent the way i want.
is that how it is for you?
i'm always racing the clock.

Picture 021
i look pregnant in that coat. cuz i am slouching, i guess. i am swaybacked cuz of my scoliosis.
and did you know that a shooting star and a crumbling asteroid are basically pretty much the same thing.?