Thursday, April 17, 2008

kissing second-hand pancakes

dress up shoes sidedress up shoes

i got a gel-seat-cover for my bike seat. so now i won't have bruised 'sit bones'
aren'tya happy?
i also got a really cheap sound system or whatever you want to call it, so now i can listen to music at my apartment.
did i tell you a friend has lent me his television and vcr/dvd player? and a whole bunch of movies, too.
that is cool.
maybe i will watch all the behind the scenes parts on the dvds. i love that shit.

red phone face

i have to nurture and protect myself from the slings and arrows (of outrageous fortune)

i started a painting. on a second-hand canvas.
soon i will also buy a larger new canvas at the college.
painting is the bomb.
puppets are scary

i think my new painting i'm working on right now will be a portrait of an amazon parrot. i used to have one of those and even tho he was a royal pain in the neck, i really loved him.
the story of my life.


do you want to be special to someone special?
well forget it.
that is a trap.