Saturday, April 26, 2008

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Snippets of Conversations in a Nursing Home

Old Woman: "I wanna go to bed."
Nurse: "No, You just got up."
Old Woman: "What for?"
Nurse: "You're gonna be eating breakfast."

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there is an 89 yr-old man and he keeps trying to 'make passes at me'
yesterday, he came up to me and loudly announced, in front of everyone (it felt like):
"Your shape isn't SEXY. but it's attractive somehow."
he kept staring at my chest and i realized my shirt was too revealing, so i got some scotch tape and taped the v-neck closed a little.
today he was like, "you should wear that outfit more often. it made you look sexy. it revealed just enough. you're sexy."
oh, and today he was trying to 'bribe me' with beef jerky and salted nuts.