Tuesday, April 1, 2008


funny. i didn't write it. - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
that was on the chalkboard when i walked into the room and i thought it was funny.
no, i didn't write it.
someone must've been pretty desperately hungry to have chalked an ode to top ramen so exuberantly. eh?

i'm having a good day because i know i get to move into my apartment this week/weekend and that changes lots of things. i don't have to deal with a bunch of petty b.s. about petty b.s. from overly-bored roomies who have nothing better to do than to think of ways other people are not doing what they ought to be doing instead of paying attention to their own problems.
oh wait.. i will still have to deal with that because that is what EVERYONE does.
depressed - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
i am feeling nervous that someone is going to steal my dinner cuz i got burger king before stopping off at the library but i had to leave it out in the lobby cuz you can't bring food into the library but i covered it up with my jacket but what if someone steals my jacket and my dinner both?
i guess that would mean that they needed it more than i
either taht or they are really desperate for entertainment?

darn the blur - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
lame - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
you know my hair looks good.