Wednesday, May 28, 2008

too bad for you, i guess.

hawaiian car ornament
i logged into facebook and i have so much to look at like messages and invites and all that crap and i just felt overwhelmed. i poked a few people. one of them was/is my high school boyfriend and his pic shows him with a little tiny newborn baby. aw.
sad a little. but still happy for him.

today is kind of a hard day for me.
something gonna happen that gives me anxiety.
i had anxiety dreams all night long.

Picture 008
i also felt bad for being amused by the old woman's plight at the nursing home.
it isn't funny, really... but what can i do? save her? cry? it is what it is.

movie theater mirror 2
i went into the theater just to use the bathroom (i did not watch a movie, bad girl, i know so tacky and stuff) but this woman came out of the stall and she said, "good movie huh?" and i was like, "yep" and she's all, "lots of ACTION"
gee, i wonder which movie she meant.